Rajon Rondo is indeed a big name and big time player in the world of fantasy basketball.

Rajon Rondo's injury forced him not to play for few months. This drastically changed his effectiveness at any fantasy basketball leagues. Now that he is playing again, expect to see Rajon Rondo's influence in fantasy basketball leagues.
Right now, he is putting good numbers. He is scoring well, dishing the ball well and of course, giving his teammates a brand new "chance" to play good basketball.

Fantasy Basketball Trade Talks
The names and likes of Marc Gasol, Pau Gasol and Greg Oden are a hot talk nowadays. For the fantasy basketball community, they are quite the hottest piece in the fantasy basketball league.

For the brothers Marc and Pau Gasol, their numbers are up and down. They are not that consistent in terms of scoring and other stats. This is the reason why they end up being the talk of the town in terms of fantasy basketball trades.

For Greg Oden, his minutes of playing time for the Miami Heat keeps on improving. This is the reason why many fantasy basketball team owners are predicting his big return before the play offs ends. He can be a valuable fantasy basketball piece even off the bench.

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